Health Benefits of Capsaicin

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For centuries, there’s been a miracle worker hiding in plain sight. It’s the compound in chili peppers that give them their heat, and it’s called capsaicin. This wonder ingredient has been transforming lives for thousands of years (really, it’s been a very long time), though not everyone realizes just how marvelous this ingredient really is. But with all the health benefits of Capsaicin, you don’t want to be one of those people ignoring it!

Capsaicin Health Benefits

Relieving the Symptoms of Flu – a nasty cold goes around every year that makes it ridiculously uncomfortable to head off to work or school. Along with it comes congestion and discomfort. And capsaicin relieves those side effects effortlessly. Just think about it…remember the last time you had a few drops of super hot sauces? It made you run for tissues to wipe your nose and eyes, right? Now, just imagine the power capsaicin can have when you’re stuffed up.

Reducing Chronic Aches and Pains – new research has been released which supports the long-held belief that capsaicin relieves chronic aches and pains. For centuries, people have been using chili peppers to eliminate their pains. And now we know that the pain receptors in the body can be affected by the active ingredients in chili peppers. The more super hot sauce you enjoy, the less pain you’ll experience.

Assisting with Weight Loss – capsaicin works in many different ways to help you lose weight. Not only does it boost and regulate your metabolism, it also works to transform the food you eat into heat before it even reaches your stomach. That means you’re burning calories before you even consume them properly. And, the miracle worker found in every bottle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce also helps you to feel satiated sooner, so you consume fewer calories to begin with.

Curing Cluster Headaches – yep, the capsaicin in chili peppers works wonders all over your body – including your head. And this isn’t just theory either. There are capsaicin treatments available in pharmacies that alleviate the symptoms of the most serious headaches on earth. In fact, studies show that regular capsaicin intake may even cure headaches permanently.

Stopping Heart Attacks – it’s still in the laboratory testing phase, but it appears that capsaicin can halt the progress of a heart attack – even after it’s started. That’s a big deal. The longer a heart attack rages on, the more cell death occurs and the more likely it is to become fatal. Anything that has the potential to stop that is good in our books (and likely yours too).

Reversing the Effects of Diabetes – Research has demonstrated that capsaicin can cause the reversal of Type 1 diabetes in lab tests. Think about that for a moment. Capsaicin has triggered the body’s ability to produce and use its own insulin. The fiery hot ingredient found in Mad Dog Hot Sauces has the power to transform the lives of the next generation. That’s incredible.

Causing Cancer Cells to Commit Suicide – In laboratories across the world, tests are ongoing to show just how powerful capsaicin can be. And studies show that can be rather powerful indeed; so potent, in fact, that it has caused cancer cells to commit suicide – up to 80% of them without any negative side effects.

And now you know. There’s a lot of goodness in capsaicin. And, the more capsaicin you get, the better it is for your body. Luckily you can get plenty of this wonder worker in every bottle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce. Not only that, but the hotter the sauce, the better it is for you. So dive into a bottle of Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition or better still a bottle of one of our Pepper Extract After all, it could help you live longer.

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