Keep Warm with Capsaicin This Winter

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Keep Warm this WinterIf you live with snow, you know that you’ll become cold at some point in the next couple of months. Sure, you can dive into the pre-started car from the front door to avoid it. You can also cut down on your shopping trips for the same reason.


But, at some point, you’ll be cold. Like frigid. And you’ll want to get warm quickly.

One of the best ways to relieve yourself of frozen toes and frosty limbs is to stand in the shower. A really warm or hot shower with make an almost instant difference to the way you feel. But, it won’t last. You need to ensure your core remains warmer for longer to achieve lasting effects.

What can you do?

We suggest capsaicin all the way through the winter. Here’s why.

Consuming Capsaicin Will Raise Your Core Temperature – Capsaicin is the hot stuff found in our sauces and chili peppers. And, this odorless and tasteless compound creates a thermogenic reaction in your body. It also opens your blood vessels making it easier to pump blood to the extremities. So, if you really want to heat yourself quickly (and especially when a shower is simply not an option) just reach for a bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce. It will do the trick in minutes.

Unbelievably, Capsaicin Can Warm Just Your Feet – If you suffer from cold toes, you’re not alone. And, there are some super (yet inexpensive) methods to deal with this condition. First, you need to chat with your doctor. Frozen toes are a sign of poor circulation, and this is often a symptom of deeper medical conditions. If your doctor gives you the all-clear, then you can add a dash of chili powder to an aqueous cream that you rub into your feet. The capsaicin in the chilies will keep you toasty for hours (though your socks may change colors).

Capsaicin Makes It Easy to Make Healthy Choices – The funny thing about capsaicin is that it helps you to make stunning choices with the other foods you eat. You see, capsaicin “tastes” like fat to your brain. But, it doesn’t have all the negative side effects of over-consuming fat. You can go to town with your hot sauce to get all those good foodie feelings even when all you eat is veggies. And, the more healthy choices you make with food, the easier it becomes for your body to maintain a warm core.

And, if you needed another reason to use capsaicin to stay warm this winter, it must be our super tasty hot sauces. They’re addictive, and when you run out of ideas, you can always check our recipe blog for more ideas.

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