National Taco Day

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If you couldn’t guess, we’re big on food holidays over here at Ashley Foods. That’s because, as much as we love doing hot sauce tastings, we know our products bring out the very best in your favorite foods. We’re really sure that’s the case with tacos. Both our favorite chili peppers and tacos have their roots in Latin America, so they’re just one of those natural pairings that you can’t separate.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this year’s National Taco Day, and we suggest spicing up your celebrations with plenty of Mad Dog hot sauce. But, if you’re struggling for ideas, here are just a few that might just transform the way you view tacos… or hot sauce…

Breakfast Tacos – breakfast burritos are so common these days; you can easily pick them up in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store. Although burritos are clearly close cousins with the superstar of the day, we’re sure you should stick to the theme. To make breakfast tacos, you’ll want to start with a soft, wheat-based shell. We think the best filling is a bit of fried, chopped bacon. Scrambled (or boiled and chopped) egg is totally optional. To top it off, a mix of sliced green onions and tomatoes are complete with your preferred Mad Dog hot sauce drizzled on top.

Taco Salad – this is a bit of a taco cousin, but if you’re big on your greens, this might just be the way to go. Of course, you’ll probably feel obliged to keep it as traditional as possible on National Taco Day, which is where Mad Dog steps into the picture beautifully. You can easily add a drop of pepper extract to your ground beef mixture – or your refried beans if you want to go the vegetarian route. That’s sure to blow the lid off just about any ordinary taco salad. And, because capsaicin sends signals to your brain that you’re fuller sooner, you’ll enjoy that salad more than ever before.

A Taco and Mad Dog Dinner Bar – if you truly want to make an event out of National Taco Day, we’re sure you’ll want to host your own taco and Mad Dog dinner bar. Simply chop all sorts of traditional taco toppings and whip up some seasoned ground beef and beans and lay it all on the table. An assortment of Mad Dog hot sauces will transform your spread from a feast into a fiesta.

That’s especially true if you add in a tequila bar on the side.

If you head out for a night on the town, don’t forget your Mad Dog hot sauce! We sell perfect travel size hot sauce bottles.

After all, somehow it just wouldn’t be National Taco Day without the hottest hot sauce on earth, would it?

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