Tacos & Hot Sauce: A Match Made In Food Heaven

Filed in Chile Pepper News by on November 10, 2018

Just like that slice of Thanksgiving pie needs whipped cream and mashed potatoes need gravy, some foods were just made for their toppings. Hot wings need hot sauce and tacos, well, just aren’t tacos without some extra spice. While some suggest tacos have been around since the 18th century, it’s likely that chili peppers have been around for thousands of years. At some point the two came together, and you might say the combo of tacos and hot sauce is a match made in food heaven!

Sure shredded chicken, beef, pork or fish probably tastes pretty great rolled in a tortilla or packed in a hard shell, but they don’t even compare to the extra flavor and spice topping the taco. From a fruit-flavored hot sauce to a fiery hot habanero or ghost pepper sauce, you’ll find plenty of options out there to try at mealtime. The right hot sauce can sometimes completely transform a meal from something ordinary to something extraordinary. If you’re eating fish, try a more classic taste that doesn’t overpower your meal, while meats like brisket and steak can handle a lot of added flavor. Hot sauce can also add some real zest to chicken.

Of course, veggie lovers can also add in some spice and breakfast tacos work particularly well topped off with hot sauce. The blend of eggs and hot peppers can not only help you jumpstart your morning, but set the tone for the rest of your day. Whether you’re planning to start out more mild or you’re ready to go the distance with your hot sauce, there are plenty of options out there to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Just remember to use hot sauce to enhance the flavor of any meal, whether it’s tacos, hot wings or anything in between.

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