Reasons to Live Life to the Hottest

Filed in Health Benefits by on September 21, 2014

Very Hot Sauces

“Live life to the hottest” isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s truly a motto to live by. That’s because super hot sauces can actually prolong your life and assist you with fantastic health while you do that. Okay, we do need to be clear, super hot sauces like Mad Dog aren’t a magic potion, but they do have a remarkable ingredient called capsaicin. This is the stuff that gives chili peppers their burn. This baby is more than hot – it’s a healer! The more of it you get, the better it is for you. It’s not just about living life with a dash of fire; it’s truly about living life to the hottest. Here are some reasons to live life to the hottest.

Headaches, Chronic Pains and Colds – to the uninitiated, it may seem as though these things have absolutely nothing in common. And realistically, they don’t. Except that capsaicin is known to cure or alleviate the symptoms of these conditions. Yep, the more super hot sauce you consume, the less likely you are to experience these issues – even if you’ve been a sufferer in the past. If you suffer from chronic migraines or cluster headaches, there is a topical capsaicin treatment that you can buy, but we suggest tucking into your favorite super hot sauces first.

Weight Loss – looking to shed a few pounds? The capsaicin in super hot sauces may be your new best friend! We’re not saying that lightly. We know it to be true. That’s because capsaicin found in any bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce offers a multitude of weight loss benefits. For starters, capsaicin acts like fat insomuch that it tells your brain that you are full earlier. It also has thermogenic properties that mean that your body will work to transform some of the calories you consumed into heat before they even reach your belly. Plus, capsaicin also raises your metabolism temporarily so you’ll burn more of the energy already stored in your body. Now, that’s a good reason to live life to the hottest, isn’t it?

The Serious Killers – we all know there are a few health issues that you never want to develop. This includes diseases like cancer and diabetes, as well as heart disease that triggers heart attacks. You wouldn’t suspect it, but it looks like capsaicin may be a natural cure for all of these troubles. There are laboratory tests happening across the US and across he globe that are promising some incredible results. This is all based on earlier research which shows that capsaicin can stop a heart attack in progress, reverses Type I Diabetes and causes cancer cells to commit suicide. That’s pretty impressive for the ingredient that gives chili peppers and super hot sauces their heat, isn’t it?

If that isn’t enough of a reason to live life to the hottest, then you may just want to consider that super hot sauces provide you with a completely natural high. Our bodies respond to the burning pain we feel with the release of endorphins. That means that you won’t be able to love hot sauces until you experience that burn! And then, you’ll be ready to live life to the hottest. We’d like to suggest starting today with a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. Or, if you’re not sure what kind of heat you can stand, pick up the Magnificent Seven pack… it’ll give you plenty of ways to live life to the hottest.


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